What have I been up to?

For now, the purpose of this new blog will be to let people outside of Kansas City know what I am doing. I like to hope I might have some friends and family out there who want to know what I have been doing up here in KC and who would like to know that I haven’t yet resorted to cooking blue meth and becoming a drug king. That is a reference to Breaking Bad. I enjoy Breaking Bad. But I should write about what I am doing with my music.

Right now I am working on writing the music for a CGI Animated short film called Tamarack. It is animated, modeled, world built, and everything-elsed by a talented art student named Josh Grinlinton. Tamarack is probably my most exciting film project yet because Grinlinton and I both share a love for fantasy films and videogames, which allows me to really go all out with a bigger, more epic sound palette. Also, I will bring in real string players, a flutist and even real percussionists to record the music, making it my most ambitious scoring project yet. This film should be done sometime during the summer and it will hopefully have potential for film festivals. Tamarack will be my third film scoring project, meaning it will be time for a demo reel soon…

Before Grinlinton had contacted me about scoring Tamarack, I was working on a large set of pieces simply titled Threnody. The pieces in Threnody all revolve around my feelings and emotions regarding the tornado in Joplin. The feelings I had while standing in the rubble of my childhood home and the feelings I had while walking through the destroyed neighborhood in which all my fondest memories took place. It is hard to put in words. But I have made an attempt to put the feelings into music. The pieces will be for varying instruments such as a duet for cellos (played by me and my best friend from Joplin), a solo clavichord piece accompanied by a fixed track (played by another best friend from Joplin), and a solo trombone piece that acts as a sort of dark fanfare to the whole set. Threnody will be released as a free CD. I am also going to try to put together a concert of the entire thing in memorial hall in Joplin. Be looking for updates during the summer about these pieces!

As far as my art goes, the film and Threnody are the exciting things that are under way. I am also editing and composing some music for a TV show that might be picked up by a network, but I really don’t know enough about that to write about it. All the while I will be starting my last year of school in the fall, and I will soon acquire some cello students so that I will no longer have to be the vegetarian that handles dead chickens at Hy-Vee.

I will be blogging off and on to let people know what I am doing. Be prepared. Like in Lion King.


One thought on “What have I been up to?

  1. Hey Josh, I really enjoyed reading your blog. I love sharing in what you are doing. Good luck with all you do!

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