J.D. Wise is a composer, sound designer, and performer based in Kansas City. He has had a passion for movie and video game music for as long as he can remember, long before he thought he would ever be a composer. Since moving to Kansas City from his hometown, Joplin, Mo., Wise has worked on a dozen or so film and commercial projects with local artists and is continually building his portfolio. Wise makes it a point to use as many real performers in his film collaborations¬†as possible which gives his music an organic quality that isn’t always easy to find in low budget films.

An active performer, Wise is a cellist, guitarist, bass guitarist, and an aspiring throat singer. He has premiered numerous pieces involving cello for various colleagues, and recently commissioned and performed a solo cello piece by Morgan Greenwood (Listen here). Wise hopes to continually perform and advocate for new music whenever possible, and would even enjoy playing in some big film soundtracks sometime (if he’s not busy composing for them).


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